Best Three Ways to Relax after a long day

Everyone has had them.  The type of day that seems to drag on, that gets filled with things you didn’t plan and seems to dictate that everything that could go wrong has.  That was the type day that I had today and since I needed to start the ball rolling on my blog, I thought sharing the best three ways to relax after a long day just seemed fitting.

So here is my picks for the best three ways to relax after a hard day:

1.  Wine, Wine, Wine and more Wine

2.  Comfty clothes

3. A good book


Now let me delve into my picks a little more.  As for my first choice (and no I’m not promoting alcohol as a means to erase the day) but if its in reasonable amounts – there is just something soothing about drinking a good red or white wine after a long day.  It goes down easier and takes the edge off all the frustrations that presented themselves during the day.  I don’t particularly have a favorite wine, they are all good.  However I do have a ritual.  I come home, get the wine, use my best glass and sit down (no tv, no distrations) and just sit in silence, finishing that first glass.  Its heaven.

My second pick is usually tied to the first – after that long day, there is nothing more comforting then my comfty clothes.  For me, that includes worn out yoga pants, my old college t-shirt, a hoody and soft comfty socks.  Its great to come home and change into these clothes.  It makes me happy and the long day slowly slips away.

Number three is probably on a lot of people’s best lists.  A good book has a way of taking me away and entertaining me for a good couple of hours.  I leave my surroundings and get caught up in another place, time, character, etc.  Its magical and a great way to relax.