Best Three Reasons to Stay Home Instead of Going Out

As it gets closer to the weekend, I was comtemplating what I would get up to – specifically would I feel like going out to: a movie, dinner, or a bar.  The more I thought about the more I realized that I didn’t want to do any of those things.  I really wanted to stay at home.  Maybe if I was ten years younger, I wouldn’t have hesitated or even thought of staying home but now I do think that way.


This also made me evaluate the reasons why I like to stay home and hence the topic for this post.  For me, the best three reasons to stay home instead of going out are:

1. You can put on your yoga pants, t-shirts and comfty sweaters (or jogging pants, tank tops and super soft sox)

2.  You don’t need to do your makeup or hair

3.  You can still have drinks and not pay the ridiculous prices you would if you were at a bar


Anyone who has yoga pants (and I know that is a lot of ladies out there) can understand where I’m coming from.  There is nothing better than getting into yoga pants, a cotton t-shirt and a comfty sweater especially after a long week.  Yet, if I was going out,  I would feel the need to get dressed in some of the more form fitting clothes that I have and would want to ensure that I wear my high boots so that I look taller.  I would probably even change my outfit once or twice just to make sure that I look good.  All that worry and work, when if I knew I was staying home – my outfit would already be chosen.  It’s crazy the trouble we go to when going out.  Don’t get me started on picking the jewerly.

After the clothes (or even before) there is always the need to put my makeup on and that is usually more than I would normally wear.  This takes time and effort  – which is really annoying.  The same goes for the hair.  Yet, if I stay home – its easy – no makeup and hair in a ponytail.

The last things is that I can drink in the comfort of my own home and not have to worry about spending a huge amount of money on drinks.  The last time I went out, my drink was $10 dollars.  That just limits the amount I will drink but at home, there is no limit?




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