Best Three Fads of the 1980s

For this post, I wanted to focus on some fads that had a profound influence in my childhood.  As a child of the 80s, I had the chance to experience all of the three fads (and some of the honorable mentions) and to this day, they are things that I look back on with fondness.  As fads – they came and then did disappeared for a time but like all fads – they came back.   Unfortunately their re-introduction did not do as well as the 80s versions.  So, this post will pay tribute to the originals (because they are always the best).

1. Cabbage Patch Kids

2. Slip’ n’ Slide

3. Jelly Shoes

Honorable mentions: Legwarmers; Slinky; Rubik’s Cube; Jazzercise; ‘the preppy look’

Cabbage Patch Kids

The top pick for me had to be the Cabbage Patch Kids.  Like so many children, I was lucky enough to a cabbage patch kid that looked liked me with brown hair and brown eyes.  Her name was Anita Lee because that was what was on the birth certificate provided in her packaging, that is what her name became.  Anita and I went everywhere together.  We even had the same outfits.  Yes, that is right.  For Christmas one year, Santa provided both Anita and I the same pair of pink and teal pajamas.  The Cabbage Patch Kids were such a great toy – simple but one that had a lasting impression and that is why it made it as the #1 best pick

The  Slip’ n’ Slide.  It was a great invention that provided hours of fun and lots of laughs.  It was crazy how far you would slide on one of those things.  Honestly, I remember my father setting it up on our front yard, and everyone would have a turn.  It was amazing, exhilarating and simply the best way to spend a hot day.

For those that remember, I’ve posted a 1988 slip n’ slide commercial.

The last thing on my best three fads list had to be Jelly Shoes.  Like so many other girls out there, I had so many of these shoes.  There is not much else to say expect, they were jelly and that was very cool to a kid.


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