Best Three Places to Avoid

The amusement park at the center of the Mall o...

The amusement park at the center of the Mall of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For this post, I wanted to focus on places to avoid.  .   In my case, this usually has to be places that make me mad, that make me uncomfortable and simply places where there are too many people.

1. The mall on a Saturday (or any other busy day of the week)

2. The grocery store before a holiday

3.  A dance club

Shopping mallYesterday, I happen to be an unlucky person in a mall.  It is crazy and just plain horrible.  There were some necessary items that I needed to pick up, so I found myself in a packed mall.  Yikes! You would not know that the economy is bad here…and there are so many teenagers.  Where are they getting their money…are they all drug dealers?  How anyone can want to be here is beyong me.

The grocery store before a holiday.  It has the ability to create monsters out of ordinary human beings.  It makes people irritable and mean (me included).  I don’t know how many carts have rammed into me – like they couldn’t see me – I am a human being, average height – shouldn’t be hard to see me and avoid hitting me.

Night clubs. Yikes!  When I  was younger this was a great place and I couldn’t wait to go out dancing but as I get older, this is one of the placse I just want to avoid.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to go out and dance but not with the young crowd – they scare me and I no longer fit in with that type of crowd.  My life is so much different then theirs…just like I thought when I was at the club and say people my age.  Oh! how the roles have been reversed.


One thought on “Best Three Places to Avoid

  1. We have a mall in our home town that crosses the river so its the only non-dodgy way to get to the other side of town. It’s open 24/7 even though the shops shut at 5pm because people need to get across. I hate walking through there during the day to get to work/gym/supermarket! I would definitely agree with it being the worst D: It is even worse when you aren’t even buying anything.

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