Best Three Things About Jem and the Holograms

For those of you that didn’t grow up in the 1980s, you were deprived of one amazing animated series Jem and the Holograms.   It came out recently on DVD in 2011 and has now been included on Netflix.  It’s simply great (and truly outrageous).

Jem and the Holigrams was like a soap opera for kids and pre-teens.   It had music, romance, action, drama and comedy.  It was like Glee but 1980s style and animated.  It had great characters – Jem/Jerrica, her sister Kimber and the other Holograms, The Misfits, and of course Synergy.  It had the ability to keep you coming back for more – week after week, even when it focused all on Glitter and Gold Jem, it was still worth watching.  Now as I watch, some parts were cheesy but it’s still fun to watch.  I even remembered some of the songs which was crazy but also fun to sing along with. To be honest,  I even have the theme song on my iPod and everytime I hear it, I smile (and of course sing along)…Glamour and Glitter, Fashion and Fame, oohhh….This show made me want to be a superstar!

My obsession about the show after all these years should leave no doubt that it would make it into my blog.  There are so many best things about this show but I’ve narrowed it down to three.

1.  The Songs

2.  The Characters – especially Jem (she was my favorite)

3.  The Outfits

For those of you that did watch the show, you know what I’m taking about.  Songs like: Deception (Jem & the Holograms); Click/Clash  (Jem & the Holograms and The Misfits); Glitter ‘n Gold (Jem & the Holograms); I Got My Eye on You (Jem & the Holograms); and Makin’ Mischief (The Misfits).  There are so many others.  The songs in this show really made the show.

The characters, and there were many of them.  Jem/Jerrica, Rio (her love interest), the Holograms, the Misfits – Pizzazz, Roxy, Stormer, The Singers and Synergy – just to name a few.  I loved watching all of them.  Their stories, love interests and the awesome colored hair they all had.  Seriously Jem pulled off pink hair, Aja with Blue hair, Stormer with dark blue.  It was great.

Jem_music_video_typical Misfits_main_group Stingers_main_group

The final thing that I thought was the best about Jem was the outfits.  They were crazy, all over the place but so very cool to a young girl watching.  One of the great things was that if you had one of the dolls, they actually sold the outfits that they wore on the show.


And for the others out there who are fans, here is an awesome Jem Mix! Enjoy

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Best Three Reasons to Watch Star Wars (over and over again)


 English: Opening logo to the Star Wars films

This may seem like an odd post but I did say that I would be blogging about everything out there in the world that I believe should be on a best three list.  Star Wars is no exception.  The idea for the post really came from watching a How I Met Your Mother episode Trilogy Time (Season 7 episode 20)  where Ted and Marshall chose to watch the entire trilogy instead of studying for their economics final after Marshall stated that if one didn’t watch the trilogy through every three years, “the dark side wins”.  Its a great episode!

After watching that, I watched the Star Wars Trilogy  (the originals) – let’s make that clear.  I first watched Star Wars with my brother (who was obsessed with it and still is) and I then realized I loved it and here are the reasons why.

 1.  Han and Leah

2. Darth Vader

3.  Ewoks

The characters of Han and Leah were and still are great.  The back-and-forth dialogue between the two of them is classic.  When Leah tells Han she loves him and he says I know – my heart always skips a beat.  They were simply two great characters that fell in love – maybe this was included to draw in female viewers (and if so, well done George Lucas).  They are a timeless couple and one of the greats.

Ok.  Darth Vader.  The voice.  The mask.  The outfit.  He is a classic villain but you just can’t help to like him and feel bad for him at the same time and let’s face it – he is so cool.  The scene where he gets out of his ship on the Death Star and gets his updates while the Storm Troopers stand by – so awesome.  Plus the music that comes on everytime we see him is just perfect.

Star Wars - Darth Vader


The Ewoks.  I know this is a love and hate debate for some people but for me, I loved them.  I was a kid and what kid wouldn’t love a giant teddy bear.  They were so cute and cuddly and defended our heroes. 

I could give so many bests’ for Star Wars and could continue to write and write about the movies (the original trilogy) so I’ll end here with one of my favorite quotes.

“I suggest a new strategy, R2. Let the wookiee win.”


Best Three Life Tips

There are some things that as a child that your parents don’t tell you (and I can’t blame them) because it seems to be something that you have to experience for yourself.  I’m talking about getting up everyday and going to work.  Having to earn a living.  Having to interact with people that are very different compared to you and how to handle the situations that work throws out to you.  These are the things that you cannot learn from someone but really need to live them and experience them for yourself.

That is why I love to decorate my work space with uplifting life tips (I print mine off from  When we look at studies on work place stress, the numbers (unfortunately are rising) and that is not good.  Our mental health is as important as our physical health.  Workplaces invest so much money in ensuring they are building a healthy workplace but they forget the mental health piece.   My life tips are around me because when I have a bad day, its easy to sit back in my chair, swirl around and look at those tips.  For some reason, seeing them writen just helps me put things into perspective.  I also even send them to my family, friends and co-workers when I know they are having a bad day. 

1.  It’s OK to make mistakes.

2.  Value the lessons your mistakes teach you.

3. Think positively.


It really is ok to make mistakes.  We’re human.  However when you are at work, you don’t always find that same mentally is shared and that is why I have it around me to remind me.  I will make mistakes and that is ok. 

For my second choice, its around those mistakes – learn from them.  That will help you and others around you.  People hate making the same mistake twice and I can completely agree.  We can’t undervalue mistakes.  You make one, now learn from it, move on and do want needs to be done. 

The last life tip is a hard one for me.  Think Positively.  This is something that I struggle with constantly.  I try and try and then try again.  It always seems easier to think negatively than positively but I need to make that change because that change will trickle down and hopefully it will make me a better person. 


Best Three Things I Couldn’t Live Without

For this post I wanted to focus on the things that have come into my life that I can’t imagine living without.  This does not include people such as my family and friends – that is without saying – there is no way I could live without them or emotions such as love, sadness and happiness.  Those emotions are the cornerstone of life and living without them wouldn’t be right.  No, for this post, I’m talking about actual things.The things that I have included in this post have become an instrumental part of my life and picturing me living in a world without them is really, really difficult.  I understand that this might make me sound prividledged and crass (and I can definitely understand if people have those sentiments – to be honest, I did too) but I did feel that these things needed to be emphasized in their own post on my blog.


1.  Cell Phone

2. My king-size bed

3. Books

I think the first thing on my list would apply to a lot of people out there.  I remember a time without cell phones (that would be hard for some of the younger readers) but yes, a time without cell phones – it just sounds crazy.  Anyway, companies like Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, Motorolla, LG, Sony, and all other cell phone companies have truly made a ‘killing’ off consumers and have created phones that are so integral to our way of life that it is hard to imagine life without them.  That’s how it is with my phone.  Everything is on it and I can do anything I need to with it and that’s why it sits at number one on this best three list.


English: Mobile phone evolution Русский: Эволю...

The second thing I can’t live without is my king-size bed.  This one might be funny to some but it’s true.  I was a student, I’ve slept on futtons, old mattresses etc. but as soon as I purchased my home, I bought a king-size bed and all I can say is that it’s amazing.  There is so much room.  There is nothing bad I can say.


books (Photo credit: brody4)

For my last thing, it was an easy choice.  It had to be books.  I’m that old-fashioned person that still prefers to hold a book in my hands and read.  If I got an e-reader for a gift – sure I wouldn’t refuse it but I would still purchase books.  I love books.  I love to have them all around the house.  They are magical to me (something that I inherited from my father who loved books just as much as me) and I couldn’t imagine not being able to buy them anymore.  I know that one day, that is how it’s going to be but for now I’m going to enjoy holding them in my hands. 

Best Three Things to Do if I Win the Lottery

Stacks of money

Stacks of money (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Admit it.  We all dream about it.  Winning the lottery!  Having our numbers come up.  I know the odds are like 1 in 300 million (depending on the size of the lotto prize) that you could win but there is always a little part of your brain that thinks…what if…That part of my brain that keeps pushing the ‘what if’ to the forefront and my brain already has the majority plans for that money figured out and today was one of those days when ‘WHAT IF’ was pushing hard in my brain.

My day just started bad.  Managers yelling, coffee spilling all over my desk, a colleague having the loudest conversation possible about her son’s sex life. It was a bad day all around.  That is what prompted me to think of the posting for this blog.

1.  Quit my job (and give no notice)

2.  Treat my family

3.  Travel the world

Yes the first thing would be to quit my job.  Some people might find that funny that I put that first but its one of the things that would give me a great deal of satisfaction.  For me, this would be easy.  I just wouldn’t show up.  No explanation.  I wouldn’t take their calls.  Nothing.  I know that seems petty and mean but at that point I wouldn’t care (maybe a little bit and I would let the people I liked know but only them).

Treat my family.  That would be an amazing thing to be able to provide my family with anything their hearts desired and to hopefully make them happy.  I know what some people will say, having money might not make them happy but it could.  Giving them the freedom to never have to worry about bills or mortgages or whatever else they’ve had to worry about when it comes to money.  That is what would bring me the most amount of job.  Taking that worry away.

The last thing is also pretty straight forward for me if I won the lottery.  I would love to travel the world.  Have no set agenda or timetable.  To simply take my time, see as much as I can, enjoy the world and all it has to offer.  Paris, London, St. Petersburg, Hong Kong, Toyko, Sydney…so many places to name (and I would try and see them all).

Its nice to dream – ‘What If’