Best Three Reasons Why Movie Studios Need to Rethink Movies

I was planning on going to the movies this weekend so I looked reviews to some of the movies that would be opening this weekend or had already opened in theatres.  That is what I do – I need to read the reviews to see whether the movie is worth seeing or not.  Sometimes that’s not necessary and the preview of the trailer or tv spot is good enough for me or catches my interest.  However this weekend was different.

I know that the Fast and Furious 6 had a huge opening weekend las week and I’m a fan of the movies (really its because I have a huge crush on Paul Walker.  He is so good-looking…but enough with getting side tracked) but didn’t really feel like sitting in a theatre with hundreds of people this weekend so I researched other movies.  Now You See Me was my second choice and after that it was Star Trek.   In the end, I didn’t get to either and that made me think, especially after reading some ‘scathing’ reviews about After Earth, staring Will and Jaden Smith and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.  The critics were harsh (and really funny) – I’ve attached a link to some of the best ones that EW PopWatch (Entertainment Weekly) were highligting.

Anyways this got me on the post for today.  Why are movie studios spending all this money (in the hundreds of millions) for awful movies.  Who makes these decisions?  Could the money not be donated to something more worthwile?

1.  All the ‘bombs’ being release (i.e. After Earth, Hudson Hawk, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, The Alamo, Cutthroat Island)

Cover of "The Adventures of Pluto Nash"

Cover of The Adventures of Pluto Nash












2. Movies need to be entertaining, not dull or boring (sorry Beautiful Creatures – I heard that people got up and left the theatre because the movie was boring)

3.  Remakes (i.e. Footloose) – have movie studios run out of ideas??? Why recreate a classic movie.

My first choice was wasy on this one – there are so many other movies I can list here where millions of dollars were lost.  It’s sad because people starve – that money could have fed them.  Yet studios continue to spend millions and millions of dollars on these types of films.

In the old days, movies didn’t need to cost hundreds of millions and they still were able to entertain.  This can be said for movies today.  Sure, I loved the Avengers and that cost a lot to make but I also liked independent films.

Remakes…I hate them.  I love the original movies.  Why do movie studios need to remake classic movies. For a new generation! No, movies would transcend those generations – i.e. Sixteen Candles (please, please don’t make a remake, it just would be the same).


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