Best 3 New Fall TV Shows

The Fall TV Season is always an impressive display of television networks ideals of what viewers will want to watch.  Honestly, its amazing all the crap that is actually allowed on TV during the fall season.  These networks are ‘green lighting’ awful shows, really awful shows.  It always makes me wonder whether they test the pilots with focus groups…cause that would be a good idea.

However with all of the awful they shove towards us, there are some shows that really end up being great and become favorites – which is why I wanted to devote a post to those shows (with the hope that others agree and continue watching so that they aren’t cancelled.)  The next three shows have impressed me.  They are different, interesting and not the average show that would be on the networks – seriously how many cop and medical drama can be created.

1.  Sleepy Hollow

2.  Betrayal

3.  Hostages

imagesLet me begin with my favorite show of all this fall season and that is Sleepy Hollow.  I love this show and the actors – great casting job.  It is different and that is what I like with my TV shows.  I’m tired of all the old ones (except Scandal – I will never get tired of Olivia and Fitz).  Most people know the story of Ichabod Crane brought to life by “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving, and of course the movie starring Johnny Depp.

Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane and Nicole Beharie as Lt. Abbie Mills are fantastic – such a great pairing.  They really make their characters come alive.  The show has it all – drama, comedy, romance, mystery, and thrilling action.  I honestly have not missed one episode and I actually request not to be disturbed when its on.  That is the signs of a good show.  Which is great because Fox just gave it a second season renewal (see article below).

The next best is Betrayal.  This is another show that has taken a concept – a love affair and explored all the drama, intrigue, hurt and betrayal that goes along with it.  You can see it in the characters eyes when they are with their family.  It presents the viewer with a love/hate relationship with the characters committing the betrayal and makes you think about your own values.    Is it wrong?  Could this be love? It will be an interesting season (if this TV show makes it to the end of the season).  Tune in if you haven’t been watching already.  I promise its worth it.

The last TV Show that I’m liking is Hostages starring Toni Collette and Dylan McDermott.  First because I have a huge crush on Dylan McDermott, there is a chance my view is biased.  However, its another show that is different.  The surgeon to the US President is being held hostage, along with her family by Dylan McDermott and his associates.  Its a great premise for the show and did I mention that I love Dylan McDermott.  Check it out.