Best Three Things to be Obsessed About

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I admit…when there is something that I like, or that intrigues me, I get obsessed.  Not crazy, stalker obsessed but got to have it, see it, do it or own it obsessed (obviously not for large items – that obsession is only once or twice – like with a house or car).  Its actually scary – for me (not those around me).

This happens when I like characters on a t.v. show – I will ignore a good portion of the show but just narrow in on the characters (which is why its #1 in the best three list).  I don’t understand it, this obsession just takes over my mind…its all I can think about (it doesn’t last too long) but it always needs to be satiated.

I wonder if this is reflective of my personality – or maybe its a deep-rooted psychosis (not the scary kind).  I think a lot of people suffer from this and that is why I wanted to highlight it.   So here are the things (you will notice I didn’t say people) to be obsessed about:

1.  Characters on a t.v. show (right now I’m obsessed with Hook and Emma from Once Upon A Time)

2.  A goal – whether it be to lose weight, conquer a fear, etc.

3. Shoes

Yes, I admit it I get obsessed with t.v. show characters – usually couples.  I love the intrigue and the romance around them – the will they or won’t they; the kisses; all of their interactions – it just keeps me entertained but I have a quirk – I get obsessed.  I will literally just watch them, nothing else in the show, I will go online to all forums for any scoops about the relationship, and  I hate it when they don’t end up how I want them too – that is usually when I stop watching the show.  Honestly – I can’t stand it if they are not together or don’t interact with one another.   This happened with The Vampire Diaries – I loved Caroline and Klaus! Then he moved onto another show…so I stopped tuning in.   Other couples – Skye and Ward (Agents of Shield); Danny and Mindy (The Mindy Project); Olivia and the President (Scandal); Barney and Robin (HIMYM), etc. – thanks to Netflix I can easily move through the scenes of all my couples together!!!  I know…I’m obsessed.



The next thing in my list that I get obsessed about – a goal.  It honestly doesn’t matter what –  even vacuuming my house (is a real goal) becomes an obsession.  I just get right into it – and I don’t stop.  I will spend two hours vacuuming because I want to ensure I get any spec of dust or dirt – 2 Hours – that is obsessive.  Any goal – especially when people tell me they don’t think I can do it, that is when my obsessive side comes out because all I want to do is prove them wrong.

The last one is an easy and one that I share with millions of other women.  I don’t have a lot of shoes (ok, maybe more than normal) but I like good quality and I’m obsessive with buying them.  I know what I want and I will hunt the ones that I do…its scary!


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