Best Three Reasons to Watch Once Upon A Time

Yes.  I like TV.  I don’t watch nearly enough of it – and I’m particular about what I watch.  A good TV show needs to capture my attention.  It needs to ‘WOW’ me!  It needs to make me love the characters – to root for them, to want them to fall in love and to live happily ever after…sure I’ll admit that I believe in happily ever after may and that it makes me sappy (or unrealistic) but what can I say…I love adventure and romance and Once Upon A Time has it all…even mystery – which is always an added bonus.

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I watched it when it first came out and then lost interest or partly because I never had the time to sit and watch it.  That has all changed.  I know block off the time.  No one is allowed to ‘bug’ me when its on.  Season 4 has just begun and I’m hooked (ha ha! No pun intended – those of you who tune into the show will understand).  For that reason, I wanted to share with you (all of the people who are watching and those that aren’t why you should be).

1.  The fact that the premise of the show is based on fairy tales (fairy tales that we are all familiar with) and that is what makes the show awesome

2.  The romance (Hook and Emma; Snow and Charming: Regina and Robin)

3.  Its a clever and witty show

Fairy Tales.  Yes I’m a grown up with grown up responsibilities (work, bills, etc.) but I remember all of the fairy tales and the characters and it makes me happy.  I was always loved Sleeping Beauty – that was my favorite.  For me it was the first time that a prince had to fight for his princess (he did slay a dragon!).  It made me fall in love with Prince Phillip – plus the dancing and the dress…it was just great.  That is what makes Once Upon A Time great.

It takes all these fairy tale characters and brings them to life and to me that is one of the best reasons to tune in.  The show makes them more that just their characters – they explain how they met, how they fall in love, how they get to be evil, etc…they provide the stuff you always want to know but never got the chance to explore.  Look how they have incorporated Frozen this season…its just great and honestly one of the most unique shows on TV.

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Ah, romance.  I love it and in this case, its appropriate – that is why its on the list.   I ‘ship’ (I think that’s the word or how you use it) Emma and Hook or Captain Swan.  They are amazing and I like the pairing.  Its not the people you would assume would be attracted to one another but it works.

As for my last reason, the show really is clever and witty.  Once example that comes to mind…SPOILERS ahead (you’ve been warned) – when Snow changes into a bug and Emma and David comment that she is trying to say something…Hook of course pipes in – great “Does anyone speak bug?”


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