Best Three Cities I would LOVE to live in

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I’ve been thinking about this one for awhile.  If I had the ability to just pack my things and go – where would I go?  Where could I find myself happy to be?  A place where I could do all of the things I love to do but also work and live with my family.  A place where I could discover something new everyday and never get tired of the place (even on the bad days when traffic is bad, people are rude and all that other jazz).

For some people this would be easy – they could name the places right off the top of their heads.  For me, this was a ‘thinker’ and really made me think of everything I like to do and where in the world I could be happy doing it.

All cities are amazing to me.  They are all unique and have their own brand of special.  They are made up of amazing (and not so amazing people) that add to its landscape.  They are beautiful in different ways – some with their historical significance and some with the beautiful views you get.

So here are the cities that I would love to live in:

1.  Paris

2. New York 

3.  Barcelona

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The first city I chose was one of the easier choices.  I love Paris.  I love everything about it.  Its such a beautiful city and filled with thousands of things to see, do, etc.  I can just imagine myself (and this would be a total departure from my normal life) – sitting at a café, having my morning coffee, walking to work and working in a beautiful old building, eating out, drinking wine and going home to my beautiful apartment (not house) to relax and read with the sounds of the city in the background.

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New York.  How could I not have this amazing city on my list.  Its vibrancy and its aura just make it one of those places that I could easily see myself living.  All of the things, places and people that I could discover in this city would be simple amazing.

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Barcelona is the third city I have on my list.  It is a city with a little under 5 million people but one that is colorful, entertaining and offers up a sense of a good time is waiting for someone that lives there.  I could see myself there – of course I would need to learn Spanish – but it would be a great city to help me learn.



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