About me and this blog

About me…I’m your average person who loves to write and loves to share the things that I love, that interest me, that make me mad, or that I simply enjoy – hence the start of this blog.

As for the blog itself, it will be a mixture of all the things that I think deserve to be highlighted in a best of 3-type list.  Themes will range from the best foods, to the best places to visit in the world, to the best ways to make someone smile, and so on.  It will also include best 3 of television, movies, books and all things entertainment.  No topic will be out of bounds!  At times, there will be honorable mentions to the things that are liked but not to be in the best 3 (or came in a very close fourth place).

I encourage comments because its a real possibility that not everyone will agree with my choices for best of 3 and that is ok – I love to hear what others have to say.

I hope you enjoy, follow and let others know about the blog,


The Best 3 of Everything (B3E) Blogger


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