Best Three Things about Cory Monteith

It was sad to hear about the death of Cory Monteith.   I like millions of others enjoyed Glee and especially the character of Finn Hudson – jock, singer and romantic.  He was a character that you just fell in love with and that was in large part to the actor that played him.  Losing someone is always hard.  Losing someone so young is even harder.

That is why I wanted to dedicate this post to him, his family, friends and all the other people who liked him because he was different then a lot of Hollywood actors and maybe that is why his character was so believable and lovable.

Here are the best things about Cory Monteith.

1.  Was a down to earth and approachable

2. A nice guy

3. A proud Canadian (and Vancouver Canucks fan)

Hollywood is a treacherous place and can sometimes seem scary and unreal.  Cory had a way of not letting that get to him.  He always seem to be just your regular guy that happen to be the star of one of televisions biggest shows.  He never came across pretentious and that is important.

In all the interviews I have seen him in – he seemed so nice.

The last thing was his pride to be a Canadian.  He never shied away from telling people where he came from and I have to respect that.

RIP Cory


Best Three Dream Vacation Destinations

I don’t know what to make of it but lately my mind has been wondering to the things that I really want to do in my life. There are career ambitions, personal quests and achievements and finally being able to take a dream vacation. Now this is not a regular vacation – like taking a week or two out of your life to visit an island, to visit family or whatever vacation you might take to get away. No, this is a DREAM VACATION. For me, a dream vacation is a time that you take to visit some place or places and take in the sights, sounds, culture and spend weeks, months fulfilling your dream vacation.Unfortunately for me (and a few others out there) at this point in my life, a dream vacation is not on the radar.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t take a few moments in my day to daydream about the dream vacations that I would take if money, work, time and other of life’s responsibilities were not an obstacle. There are few people that have had such a luxury and for those that have, I truly envy them.

1. Touring Europe (and I mean all of Europe)

2. Spending 6 months (or more) in New Zealand

3. Visiting all of Canada from coast to coast

Touring Europe has always been something that I ‘ve wanted to do – it truly is a dream of mine. However this would be your typical backpacking trip, no this would be a vacation that focused on taking all the time necessary to see all the countries in Europe and indulging in all the decadence and luxury that would be possible. No staying in hostels – no, it would mean finding great and comfortable hotels with great beds and your own bathroom.

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Europe has so much history and to someone like me (who is a history freak) this would be amazing – hence the first pick. I can see myself in each country finding something amazing and captivating. It just gives me shivers to think about it. There are so many places that I would want to see, I just don’t think it would be fair to list them all. Just know that my list is long and this dream vacation would take a very long time and a lot of money.

There is something about New Zealand that has always captured my attention – even before the Lord of the Rings movies were released. I had always had a fascination withe country. Maybe it was the mountains, the green fields, the breathtaking coast lines and the crystal blue-green waters, or maybe it was the amount of sheep that are there…maybe it was all of these things. This has been a place that I have always wanted to visit and a dream vacation for me would be to spend 6 months minumum just touring the country. Going hiking, scuba diving or whatever grabbed my attention. I could just see myself never getting bored and always being on a new adventure. I know that I would be seeing some of the most people landscapes in the world. To me, that would be a dream vacation and one day I hope I will have my chance. There are so many beautiful pictures that you can find, go and explore…

I’ve also included a New Zealand tourism video:

My last pick might surprise some people but they ovbviously never had the chance to tour some of Canada. I’ve had the chance to visit some of the country and from the little that I’ve seen, Canada is one beautiful and breathtaking country. It is made up a such diverse landscapes and people. It is a vast country and would probably take me months and months to view things in each province and territories. This is a dream of mine (maybe not visiting in the winter) but to take the time and drive from the West coast to the East coast of vice versa. It really is a beautiful country and so many places to discover – which makes for a lot of fun in a dream vacation.

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