Best Three Things About Being Home Alone

Français : Solitude de Paul Sérusier, 1891, hu...

Français : Solitude de Paul Sérusier, 1891, huile sur toile, 75 x 60 cm, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve always lived with someone.  I have never had the chance to actually have a place all to myself.  So when I get the house to myself, its actually a really great time for me.  I love it.  I love being alone.  I love the solitude.  I love being quiet.  I like that fact that there is no one around me.  That isn’t to say I always want to be alone, its just that when I get these moments, I cherish them.

For me, there are aways a couple of things that makes this time great and that is the reason for tonight’s post.  These are just three of the best but there could have easily been more.

1.  No Schedules

2.  Going Nude (that’s right walking around naked)

3.  Singing and Dancing (like there is no one around – because there isn’t!)

No schedules.  This is simply a dream come true when you are by yourself.  You don’t need to have dinner at a certain time, there is not set time that you need to get up, no set time to do anything.  That is why this is at the top of my list.  I love being able to let go of the structure of life for those precious days by myself and just adopt a freer, less contrictive lifestyle.

I know that it might be cliché about going nude but really that is a time to be one with your birthday suit.  Its not to say you can’t walk around nude with your partner or whoever else you feel comfortable with but it just seems better when you are alone.  To walk around and not try to hide all the flaws you think you have (which you might do with someone else).  Just getting naked.  Its liberating.

My last item on the list was singing and dancing.  This is one that I truly get behind.  I’m lucky because I don’t have close neighbors, so I can blast my music and I do.  Its so loud and I just sing to the songs on my playlist and dance around my house.  Its fun, great exercise and a grea way to cut out the stress.  One of the best songs for this is Part of Me by Katy Perry.  Another good song for this is Sugar, Sugar by The Archies and of course anything by Lady Gaga.


Best Three Places to Avoid

The amusement park at the center of the Mall o...

The amusement park at the center of the Mall of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For this post, I wanted to focus on places to avoid.  .   In my case, this usually has to be places that make me mad, that make me uncomfortable and simply places where there are too many people.

1. The mall on a Saturday (or any other busy day of the week)

2. The grocery store before a holiday

3.  A dance club

Shopping mallYesterday, I happen to be an unlucky person in a mall.  It is crazy and just plain horrible.  There were some necessary items that I needed to pick up, so I found myself in a packed mall.  Yikes! You would not know that the economy is bad here…and there are so many teenagers.  Where are they getting their money…are they all drug dealers?  How anyone can want to be here is beyong me.

The grocery store before a holiday.  It has the ability to create monsters out of ordinary human beings.  It makes people irritable and mean (me included).  I don’t know how many carts have rammed into me – like they couldn’t see me – I am a human being, average height – shouldn’t be hard to see me and avoid hitting me.

Night clubs. Yikes!  When I  was younger this was a great place and I couldn’t wait to go out dancing but as I get older, this is one of the placse I just want to avoid.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to go out and dance but not with the young crowd – they scare me and I no longer fit in with that type of crowd.  My life is so much different then theirs…just like I thought when I was at the club and say people my age.  Oh! how the roles have been reversed.

Best Three ‘How I Met Your Mother’ episodes

Over the last couple of years, there haven’t been too many television shows that I really enjoy or look forward to watching.   These handful of shows include:  The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, and So You Think You Can Dance (what can I say – I love dancing and they have so many great dancers and routines – its mezmorizing).  Yet, there is one other show that continues to be one of my favorites  and has been since I first started watching it back in 2005 and that show is How I Met Your Mother or HIMYM.

Like many of the sitcoms that came before, namely Friends, HIMYM is full of great characters: Ted (Josh Radnor), Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segel), Robin (Cobie Smulders) and of course Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) – LENGEN…wait for it…DARY.  The show does such a good job at really working through the day-to-day lives of these characters and all the craziness that happens to them.  It makes it, not only entertaining (which is what tv is all about) but keeps pulling me back in for more.

Due to my love for the show, I wanted to share the best three ‘How I Met Your Mother’ episodes (so far!).

1.  Slap Bet (Season 2, episode 9)

2. Slapsgiving (Season 3, episode 9)

3. Sandcastles in the Sand (Season 3, episode 16)

Slap Bet was the episode that I can watch over and over and never get tired of.  It was not only the introduction to the Slap Bet in which Barney lost a bet with Marshall about Robin’s past and would suffer five slaps at the time of Marshall’s choosing in which he could slap Barney – it was ingenius but we also had our first glimpse of Robin Sparkles and her famous song “Let’s Go to the Mall”

The second best episode is Slapsgiving where Marshall continues to scare Barney with the impending slap he plans on giving him.  Marshall even created a countdown website and a song for the occasion.

The last episode that I think deserves to be in this list is definitely Sandcastles in the Sun.  Not only do we get another video (her follow-up) of Robin Sparkles but Robin and Barney kiss for the first time.  I just love them together.