Best Three Reasons why Charlie Hunnam is a great pick for Christian Grey

imagesCAVE2DXGOk. First off let me just get this out – YYYYYAAAAAAHHHHH! YAH!   Yes, I’m married (and I love my husband) but I have a huge crush on Charlie Hunnam.  Ever since watching Sons of Anarchy, it has just grown.  When I heard the news that he was cast as Christian Grey, I couldn’t stop jumping up and down (not literally – just figuratively) since I was at the office and that would have been a little awkward to explain to my boss.  She doesn’t watch TV or read books like Fifty Shades of Grey – actually she did mention once that she thought they were ‘trash’ books – it was those really weird moments because all I wanted to do was laugh but she was so serious…laughing would not have gone over well in that moment.

imagesCA70E0TQCharlie Hunnam is a great pick.  I had previously done a post about the actors that I thought would be great for this role and he wasn’t on it.  For some reason I didn’t think of him (sorry Charlie) – plus there is a reason why I’m not a casting agent!  Yet now that he as been cast, I completely and utterly see him in this role and as Christian Grey.   Here are my reasons why he was a great pick.

1. He is absolutely gorgeous!

2. He has the ability (and the acting experience) in being serious and stern (Jax Teller – Sons of Anarchy!)

3.  He will look amazing in a suit

Ok.  The first thing is probably the most important.  He is gorgeous with the blond hair and blue eyes, tall, muscular.  Jeez, I sound like I’m writing a romance novel.  This man needs to carry the movie where he will be the main focus.  He needs to look good in and out of cloths and let me say Charlie can do that without a problem.   Plus in the parts of the novel where Christian smiles, I can easily picture Charlie’s gorgeous smile.  For those of you who have never seen him in Sons of Anarchy, I would suggest you check him out before you critique.

Playing Jax Teller, President of SAMCRO, an Outlaw Motorcycle Club, he has run in to many a serious situation.  He definitely can be stern and Charlie acts his character brilliantly – that is why I picture him as Christian.  He can do serious.  He can do stern and he can do angry,  Again I point to the Sons of Anarchy.

Again, it comes back to him in a suit.  He can definitely wear a suit.

I just can’t wait for this movie (August 2014)!


Best Three Actors to Play Christian Grey (from Fifty Shades of Grey)

I was having this conversation the other day with one of my colleagues and the both of us were having a really hard time deciding who would be best for the part.  We had both read the books (along with millions of others) and realized that trying to cast this movie would be hard.  So I decided to put together my own list and share it with everyone.

From the buzz around Hollywood, there are a lot of actors who have a big interested in playing this character.

Universal Pictures and Focus Features (who secured the rights to the film version of the book)  now have one of the most difficult jobs to be performed – casting Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.  I am sure this is kind of like how it was to find Bella and Edward from Twilight.   I do not envy the job of the casting agents – that will be hell and they are probably going to get some form of negative press for whoever they pick (because we all know you can’t please everyone).  However, I did want to add my own opinion as to who should be on that list (and I really want to hear from others also!!!).  Since I am going to be one of those people that will definitely be checking out the movie, I thought that it would be appropriate.

So, here are the Best 3…Actors to Play Christian Grey (from Fifty Shades of Grey):

1.  Alex Pettyfer

2Alexander Skarsgard

3. Henry Cavill

I have to say that I thought long and hard about this (because this casting will determine whether I actually go and see the movie) and Alex Pettyfer is at the top of my list.  Not only is he the one that I can picture immediately as Christian Grey, the others are far behind him.  He is younger than Christian Grey but there is something about him that exudes the characteristics of Grey and all that he is.  Plus he has the looks down and I can definitely picture him with no shirt on…so I am Team Alex!  I know that he doesn’t have the best reputation but with landing a role like this hopefully he would understand how lucky he is and all the doors that this role will open!

My second choice is someone that is a little older (because he is in his 30s) but Alexander Skarsgard still has the looks and the talent to pull off the character.  He also has a way of really getting into character and making you believe in who he is portraying.  Plus, Alexander looks amazing without a shirt and without anything on – plus he is the one actor who has shown a lot of skin (on True Blood) and doesn’t seem to shy away from it if that is what the role calls for.

My last choice was even a surprise to me but the more I thought about it, the more I could picture Henry Cavill as Christian Grey.  Plus after the Immortals, I know that he looks great without a shirt on and those eyes just draw you in.  There would have to be a change in the hair color but with Hollywood movie magic that shouldn’t be a problem.

Who do you think should be cast as Christian Grey?  I really want to know what others are thinking out there – so leave comments!