Best Three Things about Easter

Cadbury's Mini Eggs

Cadbury’s Mini Eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s that time of the year again (although this year it feels really early to be celebrating Easter) however it’s here! I love this time of the year when Easter rolls around.  For me, it means Spring has finally arrived.  Things are going to start to grow again.  I just love it!  There always feels like there is something in the air by the time that Easter arrives.  People seem friendlier, people will actually smile at you and they all seem happier.

As for Easter itself, I was raised Christian but have let that part of my life lapse and for me its not what I celebrate at this time of the year.  For me, Easter was a time for Spring revival – it was a time to enjoy what you have with friends and family and if you throw in some chocolate, well that is even better.  That is how I celebrate.  It may not be like others but that is what makes life interesting, we are all different and have our own beliefs and traditions.  That is what I love about people.  I love to know what others are all about.  Therefore I wanted to share with you, the Best Three Things about Easter (for me).

1.  Chocolate

2.  Peeps

3.  Easter Dinner

Ok.  The first thing was a no brainer.  Chocolate, and I know you can get it all year round but the fact that there are so many varieties, and that they only have certain kinds available this time of the year (Cadbury mini eggs), it makes chocolate so much better.  As I child, the Easter Bunny was so good at hiding our chocolate that it would take my siblings and I a while to find it all.  Searching for chocolate – earning your chocolate, what could be better!  Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate – how I love you!

Everyone knows what Peeps are but for those of you that don’t they are marshmellow coated birds (see picture below).  They are not the best of candies or treats for this time of the year but they are a staple for Easter.  As I got older, I realized that Peeps were good if you used them in other ways.  I was reading another blog the other day and the person was actually providing one of the things that I have learned that Peeps can be used for.  This one is for the grown-ups – you can soak them (for a couple of second) in your favorite liquor and they taste so much better when you eat them.  I also use the Peeps for decorations.  I have actually frozen them and placed them on top of ice cream as decorations and some of the family and friends will actually eat them (totally up to the individual).  They are so versatile.

English: Two rows of yellow and pink Easter Pe...




The last thing that I believe is one of the best things about Easter is the Easter dinner.  Like Christmas, we go all out.  You name it – chicken, turkey, potatoes, carrots, bread, dips, stuffing, dessert – we have it all.  I seriously go into a food coma with all that I eat at our dinner.  Its just so good and such an integral part to my celebration of Easter.

Hope everyone has a great Easter!  Happy Easter and Enjoy