Best Three Reasons to Watch Star Wars (over and over again)


 English: Opening logo to the Star Wars films

This may seem like an odd post but I did say that I would be blogging about everything out there in the world that I believe should be on a best three list.  Star Wars is no exception.  The idea for the post really came from watching a How I Met Your Mother episode Trilogy Time (Season 7 episode 20)  where Ted and Marshall chose to watch the entire trilogy instead of studying for their economics final after Marshall stated that if one didn’t watch the trilogy through every three years, “the dark side wins”.  Its a great episode!

After watching that, I watched the Star Wars Trilogy  (the originals) – let’s make that clear.  I first watched Star Wars with my brother (who was obsessed with it and still is) and I then realized I loved it and here are the reasons why.

 1.  Han and Leah

2. Darth Vader

3.  Ewoks

The characters of Han and Leah were and still are great.  The back-and-forth dialogue between the two of them is classic.  When Leah tells Han she loves him and he says I know – my heart always skips a beat.  They were simply two great characters that fell in love – maybe this was included to draw in female viewers (and if so, well done George Lucas).  They are a timeless couple and one of the greats.

Ok.  Darth Vader.  The voice.  The mask.  The outfit.  He is a classic villain but you just can’t help to like him and feel bad for him at the same time and let’s face it – he is so cool.  The scene where he gets out of his ship on the Death Star and gets his updates while the Storm Troopers stand by – so awesome.  Plus the music that comes on everytime we see him is just perfect.

Star Wars - Darth Vader


The Ewoks.  I know this is a love and hate debate for some people but for me, I loved them.  I was a kid and what kid wouldn’t love a giant teddy bear.  They were so cute and cuddly and defended our heroes. 

I could give so many bests’ for Star Wars and could continue to write and write about the movies (the original trilogy) so I’ll end here with one of my favorite quotes.

“I suggest a new strategy, R2. Let the wookiee win.”



Best Three Fads of the 1980s

For this post, I wanted to focus on some fads that had a profound influence in my childhood.  As a child of the 80s, I had the chance to experience all of the three fads (and some of the honorable mentions) and to this day, they are things that I look back on with fondness.  As fads – they came and then did disappeared for a time but like all fads – they came back.   Unfortunately their re-introduction did not do as well as the 80s versions.  So, this post will pay tribute to the originals (because they are always the best).

1. Cabbage Patch Kids

2. Slip’ n’ Slide

3. Jelly Shoes

Honorable mentions: Legwarmers; Slinky; Rubik’s Cube; Jazzercise; ‘the preppy look’

Cabbage Patch Kids

The top pick for me had to be the Cabbage Patch Kids.  Like so many children, I was lucky enough to a cabbage patch kid that looked liked me with brown hair and brown eyes.  Her name was Anita Lee because that was what was on the birth certificate provided in her packaging, that is what her name became.  Anita and I went everywhere together.  We even had the same outfits.  Yes, that is right.  For Christmas one year, Santa provided both Anita and I the same pair of pink and teal pajamas.  The Cabbage Patch Kids were such a great toy – simple but one that had a lasting impression and that is why it made it as the #1 best pick

The  Slip’ n’ Slide.  It was a great invention that provided hours of fun and lots of laughs.  It was crazy how far you would slide on one of those things.  Honestly, I remember my father setting it up on our front yard, and everyone would have a turn.  It was amazing, exhilarating and simply the best way to spend a hot day.

For those that remember, I’ve posted a 1988 slip n’ slide commercial.

The last thing on my best three fads list had to be Jelly Shoes.  Like so many other girls out there, I had so many of these shoes.  There is not much else to say expect, they were jelly and that was very cool to a kid.


Best Three Things that Quiet the Crazy World Around Me

There are some days when the pressures of life (work, finances, relationship troubles) come barreling down at me and all I can think about are the things that I would be doing that would help to quiet the crazy world around me.  These are things that can take my mind off whatever is troubling me and transport me into a mindless state of peace and tranquility.  Where bills, work deadlines, health issues and all the others things that are driving me insane are swept from my mind.  The following are the thing that helo quiet the crazy world around me.

1.  Sitting in front of a fire (whether from a fireplace or camp fire) and staring at the embers of the fire

2. Walking along a deserted beach and listening to the waves crash down

3. Looking at the stars

Looking into a campfire has a way of truly mezmorizing me.  Its amazing that all that I was feeling previously can be shut out and all I see is the burning embers.   Its crazy but true.  My mind simply turns off.  I can think of anything else except the beauty of the fire and the calming soothing effect is has on me.  It makes it very hard to look away, especially when its time to leave and go to sleep.  For me, this is the best way to quiet the crazy world around me.


For me, walking on a deserted beach and hearing the waves crash down along the shore is amazing.  Sometimes they are deafening and that is an amazing thing.  It allows my mind to block everything else and I focus on my walking, my breathing and the breathtaking sound of the waves crashing.  For those that have never been able to experience the ocean and all of its might, I encourage you to travel to one (one day in your life) and you will understand what I am talking about.

As for my last pick,  it’s definitely looking up at the stars. Pleiades Star Cluster

I was lucky enough this summer to have an incredible experience with this.  I was camping in a camp ground that had constructed an outside observation area for star gazing.  It was a cold night but my partner and I made our way there around 10pm at night.  We huddled together, stopped talking and simply looked up…we were there for over 2 hours.  Not a word was said, we simply just looked up at the sky and all the brilliant stars shining in the night sky.  It was an amazing experience and worked to clear my mind of all its stress and complications

Best Three Dream Vacation Destinations

I don’t know what to make of it but lately my mind has been wondering to the things that I really want to do in my life. There are career ambitions, personal quests and achievements and finally being able to take a dream vacation. Now this is not a regular vacation – like taking a week or two out of your life to visit an island, to visit family or whatever vacation you might take to get away. No, this is a DREAM VACATION. For me, a dream vacation is a time that you take to visit some place or places and take in the sights, sounds, culture and spend weeks, months fulfilling your dream vacation.Unfortunately for me (and a few others out there) at this point in my life, a dream vacation is not on the radar.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t take a few moments in my day to daydream about the dream vacations that I would take if money, work, time and other of life’s responsibilities were not an obstacle. There are few people that have had such a luxury and for those that have, I truly envy them.

1. Touring Europe (and I mean all of Europe)

2. Spending 6 months (or more) in New Zealand

3. Visiting all of Canada from coast to coast

Touring Europe has always been something that I ‘ve wanted to do – it truly is a dream of mine. However this would be your typical backpacking trip, no this would be a vacation that focused on taking all the time necessary to see all the countries in Europe and indulging in all the decadence and luxury that would be possible. No staying in hostels – no, it would mean finding great and comfortable hotels with great beds and your own bathroom.

untitled1 untitled2 untitled3 untitled4

Europe has so much history and to someone like me (who is a history freak) this would be amazing – hence the first pick. I can see myself in each country finding something amazing and captivating. It just gives me shivers to think about it. There are so many places that I would want to see, I just don’t think it would be fair to list them all. Just know that my list is long and this dream vacation would take a very long time and a lot of money.

There is something about New Zealand that has always captured my attention – even before the Lord of the Rings movies were released. I had always had a fascination withe country. Maybe it was the mountains, the green fields, the breathtaking coast lines and the crystal blue-green waters, or maybe it was the amount of sheep that are there…maybe it was all of these things. This has been a place that I have always wanted to visit and a dream vacation for me would be to spend 6 months minumum just touring the country. Going hiking, scuba diving or whatever grabbed my attention. I could just see myself never getting bored and always being on a new adventure. I know that I would be seeing some of the most people landscapes in the world. To me, that would be a dream vacation and one day I hope I will have my chance. There are so many beautiful pictures that you can find, go and explore…

I’ve also included a New Zealand tourism video:

My last pick might surprise some people but they ovbviously never had the chance to tour some of Canada. I’ve had the chance to visit some of the country and from the little that I’ve seen, Canada is one beautiful and breathtaking country. It is made up a such diverse landscapes and people. It is a vast country and would probably take me months and months to view things in each province and territories. This is a dream of mine (maybe not visiting in the winter) but to take the time and drive from the West coast to the East coast of vice versa. It really is a beautiful country and so many places to discover – which makes for a lot of fun in a dream vacation.

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Best Three Ways to Survive the Work Week

As we get closer to the end of the work week and the weekend, I had a few moments today to reflect back on my own work week.  For me, the last three days at work have been awful.  It is just a constant bombardment of things – one after the other, after the other.  Maybe its karma – I’ve always loved my work, loved diving in and getting things done but now (and the last three of my days are evidence of this) I just don’t want to be in my office.  I don’t want to work on some of the projects that I use to love, I just want to be somewhere else.  I know I’m not alone out there – there are probably hundreds, thousands and maybe millions of people that feel the same way as I do.So while I was sitting at my desk (staring up at the ceiling – I’m in a cubicle so no one was watching), I realized that there had to be some positives…there had to be some things that could help me survive the rest of the week and similar weeks that will be in my future (I wish I could say they wouldn’t but I’m a realist) and I was able to come up with three of the best that I would like to share.

1.  A good cup of coffee

2.  YouTube

3.  Earphones (and a good playlist)

My first choice to help me get through a a work week may not surprise a lot of people.  Coffee at the start of my day is essential.  There is just something comforting about that black liquid (with some cream and sugar for me) that just helps calms and comforts me.  I have actually caught myself a few times, closing my eyes and savouring the first taste.  Its great and for me, has a way of getting me through some tough days and weeks.  Thank you coffee!  I salute you (and I wish I could handle more of you in a day but I’m one of those people that need to limit)

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...YouTube – thank you (and thanks to my employer for not blocking you) because you are an integral part of helping me get through the work week.  Why you ask?  Well, its pretty simple.  Do you know how many hilarious things you can find on YouTube.  Who hasn’t seen one of the hundreds of videos of people doing the Harlem Shake.  Other videos such as the guy running into a frozen pool with the thought that the ice would crack – it didnt.  Or when owners tape the crazy things there dogs do!  It makes me laugh, and laughing is one of the best ways to forget about the work (for just a couple of minutes) and the stress and all the things you need to do.

The last way that I know always helps me get through the worst of weeks (or even a normal week) is teh fact that I always have my iPod with me at work.  I put my earphones in and use the playlists I have designed for such weeks and I just listen to the music.  It not only helps me focus and get done what needs to get done, it tunes out all the other things going on around me – the noise, the gossip, the office politics, the ‘pissing’ contests, etc.  It’s a magical tool and one that I would really miss.

Best Three Things that Make me Smile

Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.”    ―      John Lennon

In my life, there are a lot of things that I am thankful for and a lot of things that have the ability to make me smile.  When I mention a smile, I am talking about the smile that truly lights up my face.  The smile that lights up my eyes, and possibly shows my teeth.  Like I said, a lot of things make me smile but for this post, I wanted to focus on the best 3 things that have the ability to coax a smile out of me, even when, in some cases, I really don’t feel like smiling.  You know that you have experienced the same thing.  For me its just nice to go back and actually put these things in a Best 3 post.

So, here are the Best 3 Things that make me smile

1. The look on my dogs faces, after they’ve done something they shouldn’t have

2.  Reading The Book of Awesome

3.  A child smiling back at you

Honorable mentions: there are so many it would take me hours to write them all down…

My #1 best pic was easy.  If you are lucky enough to own a pet in your lifetime, life is good.  Pets are wonderful.  They love you unconditionally, aren’t judgemental, never get embarrassed and would stand up for you in a fight (ok, that is me wishing, sometimes I think my dog would let a robber into my house if he was carrying a juicy steak) .  The one magical thing that my dogs can do always do, is coax a smile out of me after I catch them doing something they should be doing or have done.  Case in point, I have a gorgeous yellow lab.  She has a great mild temperment, is playful and vibrant when she wants to be and has enough sassy mannerisms that make her the best dog in the world (yes, that is right, my lab is the best dog in the world).

There are a lot of times over our years together when this dog has made me smile but my favorite SMILE moment happened when I left a bowl of plain 2% yogurt on my coffee table because I had to go an answer the phone.  At that moment, I didn’t think that I was leaving the bowl unattended with a dog that loves human food…well that was my mistake.  I don’t remember the phone call but I do remember, walking back to my living room and the site before me made me smile.  There was my lab, sitting, staring up at me with her big, brown eyes, my bowl of yogurt slightly moves from its original place…and my dog’s snout covered in yogurt.  Even writing about it, brings that same smile back.

My #2 choice was easy.  If you have never had the pleasure of reading this book, I highly encourage you too.  The Book of Awesome is just that AWESOME!  Neil Pasricha, the author, has a brilliant way of taking everyday things that would happen in your life and just labelling them awesome, which if you’ve experienced some of them are.  One of my favorites having the exact right amount of cereal to milk ratio.  This was one of the books stories that just made me.

Cover of "The Book of Awesome: Snow Days,...

Cover via Amazon

The last on my best 3 list is when a child smiles at you.  For some this might not be the case but for me, when a baby or toddler is smiling, its infectious and I cannot help but smile back.