Best Three Reasons Why Celebrities Make Me Mad

imagesGYAQZI94There (see title of my newest post)…I’ve admitted my problem to the world (and the first step of any good program is to admit you have a problem).  Yes, celebrities make me angry.  Not all of them but a lot of them. 

The 21st century celebrity differs from celebrities of the past – nowadays we have the ability (thanks to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook) to know everything about them.  Do a quick search of celebs on Twitter – its amazing how many are on and are providing us with views into their world.  Celebrities of the past held a little more mystery and were a lot more private.  As Bob Dylan put it so eloquently – “the times, they are a changing” or have already changed.

The more and more I go through my ‘average’ existence, the more and more celebrities make me mad.  Maybe its because of what they are showing me of their life and realizing that my life will never be like that and unlike them – I will struggle day in and day out with the everyday ritual of life.  Trust me, this is not envy or jealousy (those are deadly sins – I wouldn’t go there) – its more of a growing anger – because celebrities have an immense influence in the world (and on people) and I sometimes which that was used for more good.

These are some of the best three reasons why celebrities make me mad

1.  The amount of money they are paid

2.  The amount of influence they have in society (and with the younger generations)

3.  How they use their money

Firstly, no person is worth a million dollars – that is ludicrous.  Yet some TV actors and actresses (Two and a Half Men, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc.) are and have been paid that some – per episode for their hit TV shows.   Someone please explain to me how they are worth that…because they are good actors – NO; because they draw in viewers – NO.  There is no actual logical reason for it.  Think of how many people will never see a million dollars in their lifetime – millions and millions of people.  This makes me mad.

They are paid to make appearances; to promote a brand; get expensive gift bags at award shows (for presenting) – LIKE THEY NEED ALL THAT SWAG – why not donate it? or refuse it?  I would like to know if anyone has ever done that before.  Here let’s give rich people stuff they can easily buy themselves!  Great logic…see it makes me mad.

My second reason is around the amount of influence celebrities have in this world.  I’ve blogged before about celebrities but lately this influence has just made me mad.  When I see the attention that Kim Kardashian gets – what has she ever done that is worthwhile.  NOTHING.  Sorry Kim, I’m sure you are lovely as a person but use that for something better.  Give away some of your millions (sorry a lot of your millions); try being a role model for young girls – female empowerment – use the business woman side to influence – not the crop top, bikini selfie pictures to get attention .   I hate to see when young kids can barely name the founding fathers or relevant people in history but they can name you every person’s name on Pretty Little Liars.

Finally, how celebs use their money.  All the pictures I ever see are celebs out spending their money – doing what you ask?  well that is easy – SHOPPING.  No wonder we are a society obsessed with what one another is wearing.  Sure, I know that celebs do provide to charity – but they could be doing so much more.  A $5,000 bag is not a necessity – that $5K could help a lot of people.

Sorry for the rant – but this ‘mad’ needed to be vented.


Best Three Reasons to ‘Stop and Smell the Roses’

the wall with rose. the model of India Gate wi...

the wall with rose. the model of India Gate with roses at Lalbagh flower show 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This has been an odd couple of days.  One that has me questioning a lot of aspects of my life.   A colleague suffered a tragic loss and it brings up a lot of emotions and reflections.   We get so bogged down my our busy lives and we never take the time to truly appreciate the things around us.   I’m talking about a deep and profound appreciation.  I’ve included a post before about the things that I’m grateful for and I stand by those things but I also realize that sometimes I’m so focused on certain aspects that I don’t take the time and smell the roses as I should be doing.

‘Stop and smell the roses’ is a cliché that is widely used in the United States. We are all familiar with its meaning, which is, to take time to appreciate a situation or slow down and pay attention to what is going on around you. ‘Stop and smell the roses’ is commonly used when talking to someone who seems too busy to enjoy life.’

That is why today I did actually ‘practice what I preached’.  I slowed down.  I didn’t worry about what needed to be done. 

1.  You need too!

2.  Life is too short

3. There is so much out there

You need too!  It’s really that simple.  We live in such a high-stress world and relaxing seems like a thing of the past or a luxury that the majority of the world (sorry celebs you do not count in this equation because you are rich and all you seem to do is go shopping – A LOT)do notget to partake in.  How did we become this way?  Why don’t we ‘stop and smell the roses’.  I know why – because of bills, work, kids, etc, etc, etc.  I could do on and on.  The one thing I would like to hear from work is to slow down, take the time to go outside and get some sunshine, go for a walk – sure they try and promote a healthy workplace but that is only when there aren’t things that need to get done – and that is always in my situation.  I admit, stop and smelling the roses is hard and something I have to work on but from today, it will be something I incorporate in my life because I NEED TOO!

Life is too short.  It passes us by (worrying about all of the above).  We need to live our lives as fully as possible.  That is what creates happiness and allows us to ‘stop and smell the roses’.

When I say there is so much out there – that’s because there is.  While we are flying by our life, we are missing all there is and everything the world has to offer. 

So please, I encourage everyone to STOP and SMELL the ROSES – you’ll feel so much better for it!

Best Three Things about Summer

If you are like me and have to deal with the different seasons Mother Nature dishes out, when it gets close to summer, there is excitment in the air.

No matter where you are in the world, the fact that summer has a power over people.  A way to make us feel better.  I don’t know whether it’s the weather (and all the warm days and nights), the longer days (that is always a bonus) or could it be the fact that we are able to get away from our day to day lives and take vacations or just extra long weekends.  There is just something about summer and that is why I wanted to pay it tribute for this post.  It was hard to pcik three best things in this case because there are so many things that help make summer great.  I did my best with the ones that I chose.

1.  BBQ

2.  Just Being Outdoors

3.  Sandals

Yes, BBQ is my number one choice as the best thing of summer.   For me, I don’t think even turn on my oven all summer.  All that meal planning that needs to take place during the year – out the door when summetime arrives.  I always know what I’m having for dinner – BBQ!  It’s great, easy and tastes so amazing.  Aaaahhhh my mouth is watering as I write this.

My second choice is the ability to just be outdoors.  The warm weather allows you to do so much things outside and that is what summer is meant for.  Road trips, camping, lounging on the beach, going for a swim and whatever else you like to do.  I’m happy sitting in my backyard with a cold drink and a book.


My last choice could have easily been number one.  Summer and sandals go together like salt and pepper.  Being able to always wear them, never having your feet confined to shoes and sox, getting pedicures…thanks to summer for the sandal!  Whatever preference of sandal you have (and yes, as many other women, I have a large amount of sandals that are in my closet and I’m not going to feel guilty because I wear them all!)

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Best Three Places to Avoid

The amusement park at the center of the Mall o...

The amusement park at the center of the Mall of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


For this post, I wanted to focus on places to avoid.  .   In my case, this usually has to be places that make me mad, that make me uncomfortable and simply places where there are too many people.

1. The mall on a Saturday (or any other busy day of the week)

2. The grocery store before a holiday

3.  A dance club

Shopping mallYesterday, I happen to be an unlucky person in a mall.  It is crazy and just plain horrible.  There were some necessary items that I needed to pick up, so I found myself in a packed mall.  Yikes! You would not know that the economy is bad here…and there are so many teenagers.  Where are they getting their money…are they all drug dealers?  How anyone can want to be here is beyong me.

The grocery store before a holiday.  It has the ability to create monsters out of ordinary human beings.  It makes people irritable and mean (me included).  I don’t know how many carts have rammed into me – like they couldn’t see me – I am a human being, average height – shouldn’t be hard to see me and avoid hitting me.

Night clubs. Yikes!  When I  was younger this was a great place and I couldn’t wait to go out dancing but as I get older, this is one of the placse I just want to avoid.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to go out and dance but not with the young crowd – they scare me and I no longer fit in with that type of crowd.  My life is so much different then theirs…just like I thought when I was at the club and say people my age.  Oh! how the roles have been reversed.

Best Three Things to do on a Weekend

The weekend.   Aahhh the weekend…The time I look forward to, dread having to give up and dream about throughout the week.  It represents two glorious days in which there is no structure, no routine, no deadlines, no demands, no awkward conversations, no office politics and no dressing up.  The time is mine and I can set my schedule how I want.  I can do what I want and that is how I like it.

I thought about this topic for the post as my weekend was winding down (and I was dreading the start of the work week).  There is just something magical when a person is stripped (methaphorically) of the professional demeanor that we have to have during the week and can just relax and enjoy the weekend.    I think we become different people.  I know that some of my own co-workers wouldn’t recognize me if they saw me on the weekend.

1.  Sleep In

2.  Focus on something that makes you happy

3. Go for a walk – somewhere, anywhere

There is nothing greater than being able to sleep in on a weekend.  I know that as we get older, it seems to be harder.  Our bodies are use to getting up at a certain time (damn that alarm clock!) and that is just awful.  Really, really awful.  So, if you are one of the lucky ones to be able to sleep in…it is just an amazing experience.  I have to say, getting to sleep in and waking up after that sleep, is just divine.

The second thing should be focused on something that makes you happy.  The weekend is your time.  I know for me, I love to read.  Just absolutely love it and that is what I love to do on weekend.  I grab whatever book I am ready, settle down and just read.  Whatever it is you like to do – just do it!  If it’s going to make you happy, why wouldn’t you spend your weekend time on doing it.

As for the last pick, going for a walk is something I encourage.  First it gets you out of the house, second it can take you to great places and third, it keeps you healthy.  I love walking.  Especially on the weekends when I can discover new places such as a park, walking on a beach, window shopping down a busy avenue…the possibilities are endless.

Best Three Things I would Take to a Desert Island

English: One of the uninhabited islands of Lak...

English: One of the uninhabited islands of Lakshadweep (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I was in a workshop and one of the exercises that the facilitator directed us to do was determine the top five things we would take to a desert island (for some context, this since may people had different things in their top five …there was a lot more to it but I won’t bore you with that).  However this exercise got me thinking about what would be the best 3 things that I would bring to a desert island.  For me, there was an infinite amount of possibilities and in this case my best three list was generated by ranking the best things that I would bring with me to ensure that my desert island experience was the best possible one I could have.

1.  Books

2.  A man

3.  Infinite supply of food and water

Some people might find it funny that I chose books as the number one best pick but for me, I love to read and this just seemed like a natural choice.  If I am going to be there for a long time, what better way to pass the time but to lounge and read.  These books will be the gateway to other worlds, to feelings, to adventures and so many other things…it is endless and frankly just the best way to spend my time.

My second best pick was for pure selfish reasons.  Hey, if a girl is on a desert island she needs some companionship and to be honest: sex.  Plus, you need someone to interact with.  We all remember the Tom Hank‘s movie Cast Away where his best friend was a volleyball called Wilson, well I wouldn’t want to end up like that.  If I am on a desert island, I want to live it up.

Food and water.  These are elements that are essential to survival and wouldn’t allow me to enjoy the books or the man.  Plus if there was always an infinite amount of food and water, it would save from having to always go looking for it.