Best Three Life Tips

There are some things that as a child that your parents don’t tell you (and I can’t blame them) because it seems to be something that you have to experience for yourself.  I’m talking about getting up everyday and going to work.  Having to earn a living.  Having to interact with people that are very different compared to you and how to handle the situations that work throws out to you.  These are the things that you cannot learn from someone but really need to live them and experience them for yourself.

That is why I love to decorate my work space with uplifting life tips (I print mine off from  When we look at studies on work place stress, the numbers (unfortunately are rising) and that is not good.  Our mental health is as important as our physical health.  Workplaces invest so much money in ensuring they are building a healthy workplace but they forget the mental health piece.   My life tips are around me because when I have a bad day, its easy to sit back in my chair, swirl around and look at those tips.  For some reason, seeing them writen just helps me put things into perspective.  I also even send them to my family, friends and co-workers when I know they are having a bad day. 

1.  It’s OK to make mistakes.

2.  Value the lessons your mistakes teach you.

3. Think positively.


It really is ok to make mistakes.  We’re human.  However when you are at work, you don’t always find that same mentally is shared and that is why I have it around me to remind me.  I will make mistakes and that is ok. 

For my second choice, its around those mistakes – learn from them.  That will help you and others around you.  People hate making the same mistake twice and I can completely agree.  We can’t undervalue mistakes.  You make one, now learn from it, move on and do want needs to be done. 

The last life tip is a hard one for me.  Think Positively.  This is something that I struggle with constantly.  I try and try and then try again.  It always seems easier to think negatively than positively but I need to make that change because that change will trickle down and hopefully it will make me a better person. 



Best Three Things that Quiet the Crazy World Around Me

There are some days when the pressures of life (work, finances, relationship troubles) come barreling down at me and all I can think about are the things that I would be doing that would help to quiet the crazy world around me.  These are things that can take my mind off whatever is troubling me and transport me into a mindless state of peace and tranquility.  Where bills, work deadlines, health issues and all the others things that are driving me insane are swept from my mind.  The following are the thing that helo quiet the crazy world around me.

1.  Sitting in front of a fire (whether from a fireplace or camp fire) and staring at the embers of the fire

2. Walking along a deserted beach and listening to the waves crash down

3. Looking at the stars

Looking into a campfire has a way of truly mezmorizing me.  Its amazing that all that I was feeling previously can be shut out and all I see is the burning embers.   Its crazy but true.  My mind simply turns off.  I can think of anything else except the beauty of the fire and the calming soothing effect is has on me.  It makes it very hard to look away, especially when its time to leave and go to sleep.  For me, this is the best way to quiet the crazy world around me.


For me, walking on a deserted beach and hearing the waves crash down along the shore is amazing.  Sometimes they are deafening and that is an amazing thing.  It allows my mind to block everything else and I focus on my walking, my breathing and the breathtaking sound of the waves crashing.  For those that have never been able to experience the ocean and all of its might, I encourage you to travel to one (one day in your life) and you will understand what I am talking about.

As for my last pick,  it’s definitely looking up at the stars. Pleiades Star Cluster

I was lucky enough this summer to have an incredible experience with this.  I was camping in a camp ground that had constructed an outside observation area for star gazing.  It was a cold night but my partner and I made our way there around 10pm at night.  We huddled together, stopped talking and simply looked up…we were there for over 2 hours.  Not a word was said, we simply just looked up at the sky and all the brilliant stars shining in the night sky.  It was an amazing experience and worked to clear my mind of all its stress and complications

Best Three Days of the Week

For a lot of us, the days of the week sometime fly by while others drag on.  That is why today, while out running errands and waiting in line to pay for my groceries, I thought about the topic to this post.  There are certain days of the week that I can’t wait for, while other days are days I dread (we all know the day – starts with M) and that is what I wanted to share.

My picks (and reasoning) for the Best 3…Days of the Week

1.  Sunday

2. Friday

3. Tuesday

Yes, Sunday is my favorite day of the week because its the day that I have set aside in my busy schedule for some ‘down’ time.  This is the day that I usually sleep in (no alarm is ever set on  this day).  Its the day when I can have a full breakfast – eggs, bacon, toast and jam (and actually take the time to eat it all) and the day that I can stay in my pj’s for as long as I’d like.  There are no plans for Sunday – that is one of my self-imposed rules.  I read, I watch tv or a movie.  I catch up on the new. drink lots of coffee, even do some laundry.  Its a great way to spend the day and seems to have a calming effect on me.  It prepares me for my week ahead.  If you don’t take a day for yourself now – think about using your Sunday this way – it honestly is one great day.

As for my second pick, that would have to be Friday.  There is something about the anticipation about the work week ending.  You can even feel it in the air on Fridays – people are friendly, they smile more and make time to talk about their plans for the weekend.  It’s the day that helps get me through the rest of the week.

My third choice may seem strange to some people but for me its simple – its the day after Monday and it means that I got through my least favorite day.