Best Three TV Shows You Might Not Have Heard About Before

If you are like me, you like to discover new things.  In this case, it’s TV shows that may not be in the mainstream but are great (and overlooked because not many people know about them).  There are so many of these types of shows.  It’s kind of frustrated because this usually means that the TV shows I really like don’t end up staying on that long.  They are  usually canceled because they don’t have the type of viewership that make network executives happy.

Hence the reason for this post.  I thought it would be nice to highlight the ‘underdogs’ of TV and let them shine in the spotlight for once.  There are lots of these shows that could be mentioned – so for this post I will probably add some honorable mentions at the end of the post.

Now on to the big reveal – here are my best three:

1.  Grand Hotel (or Gran Hotel – the Spanish title)

2. Legend of the Seeker

3. The Musketeers (BBC  version)

I came across Grand Hotel on Netflix.  I was at home sick and had watched a lot of the TV shows so I wanted something new.  I read the synopsis and decided to give it a try…and like that I was hooked.  For me, it was a Spanish-type version of Downton Abbey but with more intrigue, romance, and fiery latin tempers! (and kind-of like a soap opera – which I missed).  I’m telling you – I became obsessed and binged watched all of the episodes that same day.  Julio and Alicia – oh my god!  The two main characters from different ‘sides of the track’ let’s say and their story and the story of everyone involved with the Grand Hotel.  Its based at a hotel with owners, employees and guests contributing to the story.  I should note – its in Spanish – a language I can’t speak but there is subtitles – which helped.  There is a total of 3 seasons – only 2 are on Netflix right now – waiting for the last season to be added – hopefully that will be soon.

My second choice was easy.  Legend of the Seeker would have gotten the top spot before I had seen Grand Hotel.  It still remains one of my favorites.  It was only on 2 seasons but I just loved it (thanks to my sister for introducing it to me!).  For me, I loved this how (and still do) because of the main characters – Richard and Kahlan.   You need to watch this show…I’ve included the season 1 trailer but Season 2 is equally as good!

The third choice was The Musketeers (another one my sister suggested!).  Its a great show, full of action, mystery, romance and really good looking men!  It was another one that I binged watched and loved it.  So far it has one season but was renewed for a second one…and I can’t wait what adventures The Musketeers will be involved with.

Honorable Mentions:

My So-Called Life (still a classic and one that was gone too soon); Misfits; Undeclared; and Wonderfalls



Best Three Cities I would LOVE to live in

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I’ve been thinking about this one for awhile.  If I had the ability to just pack my things and go – where would I go?  Where could I find myself happy to be?  A place where I could do all of the things I love to do but also work and live with my family.  A place where I could discover something new everyday and never get tired of the place (even on the bad days when traffic is bad, people are rude and all that other jazz).

For some people this would be easy – they could name the places right off the top of their heads.  For me, this was a ‘thinker’ and really made me think of everything I like to do and where in the world I could be happy doing it.

All cities are amazing to me.  They are all unique and have their own brand of special.  They are made up of amazing (and not so amazing people) that add to its landscape.  They are beautiful in different ways – some with their historical significance and some with the beautiful views you get.

So here are the cities that I would love to live in:

1.  Paris

2. New York 

3.  Barcelona

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The first city I chose was one of the easier choices.  I love Paris.  I love everything about it.  Its such a beautiful city and filled with thousands of things to see, do, etc.  I can just imagine myself (and this would be a total departure from my normal life) – sitting at a café, having my morning coffee, walking to work and working in a beautiful old building, eating out, drinking wine and going home to my beautiful apartment (not house) to relax and read with the sounds of the city in the background.

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New York.  How could I not have this amazing city on my list.  Its vibrancy and its aura just make it one of those places that I could easily see myself living.  All of the things, places and people that I could discover in this city would be simple amazing.

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Barcelona is the third city I have on my list.  It is a city with a little under 5 million people but one that is colorful, entertaining and offers up a sense of a good time is waiting for someone that lives there.  I could see myself there – of course I would need to learn Spanish – but it would be a great city to help me learn.


Best Three Reasons to Watch Once Upon A Time

Yes.  I like TV.  I don’t watch nearly enough of it – and I’m particular about what I watch.  A good TV show needs to capture my attention.  It needs to ‘WOW’ me!  It needs to make me love the characters – to root for them, to want them to fall in love and to live happily ever after…sure I’ll admit that I believe in happily ever after may and that it makes me sappy (or unrealistic) but what can I say…I love adventure and romance and Once Upon A Time has it all…even mystery – which is always an added bonus.

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I watched it when it first came out and then lost interest or partly because I never had the time to sit and watch it.  That has all changed.  I know block off the time.  No one is allowed to ‘bug’ me when its on.  Season 4 has just begun and I’m hooked (ha ha! No pun intended – those of you who tune into the show will understand).  For that reason, I wanted to share with you (all of the people who are watching and those that aren’t why you should be).

1.  The fact that the premise of the show is based on fairy tales (fairy tales that we are all familiar with) and that is what makes the show awesome

2.  The romance (Hook and Emma; Snow and Charming: Regina and Robin)

3.  Its a clever and witty show

Fairy Tales.  Yes I’m a grown up with grown up responsibilities (work, bills, etc.) but I remember all of the fairy tales and the characters and it makes me happy.  I was always loved Sleeping Beauty – that was my favorite.  For me it was the first time that a prince had to fight for his princess (he did slay a dragon!).  It made me fall in love with Prince Phillip – plus the dancing and the dress…it was just great.  That is what makes Once Upon A Time great.

It takes all these fairy tale characters and brings them to life and to me that is one of the best reasons to tune in.  The show makes them more that just their characters – they explain how they met, how they fall in love, how they get to be evil, etc…they provide the stuff you always want to know but never got the chance to explore.  Look how they have incorporated Frozen this season…its just great and honestly one of the most unique shows on TV.

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Ah, romance.  I love it and in this case, its appropriate – that is why its on the list.   I ‘ship’ (I think that’s the word or how you use it) Emma and Hook or Captain Swan.  They are amazing and I like the pairing.  Its not the people you would assume would be attracted to one another but it works.

As for my last reason, the show really is clever and witty.  Once example that comes to mind…SPOILERS ahead (you’ve been warned) – when Snow changes into a bug and Emma and David comment that she is trying to say something…Hook of course pipes in – great “Does anyone speak bug?”

Best Three Things to be Obsessed About

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I admit…when there is something that I like, or that intrigues me, I get obsessed.  Not crazy, stalker obsessed but got to have it, see it, do it or own it obsessed (obviously not for large items – that obsession is only once or twice – like with a house or car).  Its actually scary – for me (not those around me).

This happens when I like characters on a t.v. show – I will ignore a good portion of the show but just narrow in on the characters (which is why its #1 in the best three list).  I don’t understand it, this obsession just takes over my mind…its all I can think about (it doesn’t last too long) but it always needs to be satiated.

I wonder if this is reflective of my personality – or maybe its a deep-rooted psychosis (not the scary kind).  I think a lot of people suffer from this and that is why I wanted to highlight it.   So here are the things (you will notice I didn’t say people) to be obsessed about:

1.  Characters on a t.v. show (right now I’m obsessed with Hook and Emma from Once Upon A Time)

2.  A goal – whether it be to lose weight, conquer a fear, etc.

3. Shoes

Yes, I admit it I get obsessed with t.v. show characters – usually couples.  I love the intrigue and the romance around them – the will they or won’t they; the kisses; all of their interactions – it just keeps me entertained but I have a quirk – I get obsessed.  I will literally just watch them, nothing else in the show, I will go online to all forums for any scoops about the relationship, and  I hate it when they don’t end up how I want them too – that is usually when I stop watching the show.  Honestly – I can’t stand it if they are not together or don’t interact with one another.   This happened with The Vampire Diaries – I loved Caroline and Klaus! Then he moved onto another show…so I stopped tuning in.   Other couples – Skye and Ward (Agents of Shield); Danny and Mindy (The Mindy Project); Olivia and the President (Scandal); Barney and Robin (HIMYM), etc. – thanks to Netflix I can easily move through the scenes of all my couples together!!!  I know…I’m obsessed.



The next thing in my list that I get obsessed about – a goal.  It honestly doesn’t matter what –  even vacuuming my house (is a real goal) becomes an obsession.  I just get right into it – and I don’t stop.  I will spend two hours vacuuming because I want to ensure I get any spec of dust or dirt – 2 Hours – that is obsessive.  Any goal – especially when people tell me they don’t think I can do it, that is when my obsessive side comes out because all I want to do is prove them wrong.

The last one is an easy and one that I share with millions of other women.  I don’t have a lot of shoes (ok, maybe more than normal) but I like good quality and I’m obsessive with buying them.  I know what I want and I will hunt the ones that I do…its scary!

Best Three Ways to Fight Boredom


Yes, this seems like a pretty funny topic but it’s something that I’ve come across hundreds, even thousands of times in my life.  I get bored.  I get bored with things I’m doing (namely work); bored with people (yes, I’m talking about the lady in the grocery store that needed to rant today at this teenage cashier – she made me bored – so bored, I tuned out and started to daydream in the line); bored of the routine of life – get up, shower, get dressed, have breakfast…I could go on but everyone has experienced this before.

So my time spent daydreaming also helped me with the idea for this post.

Boredom is a real and supposedly there are 5 types of boredom – check out the attached

So to combat my boredom I wanted to share some of the best ways you can.

1.  The minute you feel boredom creeping up, go to something – anything –  play a game, go for a walk, do the dishes, laundry.

2.  Do something ‘out of the ordinary’ for you

3.  Read

Yes the first thing I put on the list is a surefire way to alleviate boredom.  It takes my mind off the boardroom and gets me thinking and focusing on something else.  Games I find are great for this.  I’ve become obsessed with FarmStory 2.  It keeps me totally involved and I don’t feel bored anymore.  Walking my dogs also helps – just being outside – I’m forced to interact with nature and people.  Yes, even doing dishes – I get the music going and I get the dished done – plus I dance around.  Bye bye boredom.

My second best way is to do something ‘out of the ordinary’ for you as an individual.  For me, that is going to a mall.  I don’t like malls.  I go because there is lots to see.  It keeps me busy and not bored.

As for my last way, this is an old-fashioned way to cure boredom – reading.  Reading lets me escape into the story and consumes me – and I don’t feel bored anymore.  The only thing I caution is that you need to be reading something good otherwise boredom can creep back in.

Hope this helps! Continue reading

Best Three Reasons to get back into blogging

First I need to say that I’m sorry. Sorry that my blog has had to sit, quiet in cyberspace, waiting for me to come back to it. Sorry that I ignored it for so long – being away since March is unacceptable and I know that, and I’ve accepted that was a foolish thing to do.


Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’m dedicating this post to the best three reasons why to get back into blogging.

This will be a short post…I’m easing myself in but here are the reasons:

1. Blogging helps me escape real life (and sometimes I need that)

2. Blogging allows me to explore the things that I love/like/hate/dislike (because hate is a strong word and should only be used in the most dire of times)

3. Blogging makes me happy – especially when I get comments, or see my stats rise from views (it’s a nice feeling).

So welcome back me…I will see you very soon!